I am not familiar with features and benefits of sunglasses.  What can Vista Chiara do to help me?

We have developed a training process that includes product information, market positioning, competitive analysis, and other key information to help you be successful.  This process should not take you long to complete, and after certification we will continue to be available every step of the way.

Do you require sales minimums or quotas?

As a Brand Ambassador you can work as much (or as little) as you please.  We welcome all ages and respect each individual choice for full or part time – it is completely up to you!  Our goal is to make this the most enjoyable and rewarding experience you have ever had without the hassle of quotas, minimums, complicated comp plans, and management oversight.  Have fun and make some money!

Do I need to sign and contract or long-term commitment?

As with sales minimums and quotas, holding people to a contract or long-term commitment does not fit our organization culture.  We do ask for a basic agreement that outlines the program and provides a basic commitment for both you and the organization.

I have organizations that I believe will buy large quantities.  How does this work?

If you get a large opportunity we will help with sourcing, pricing, and delivery so you win the business.  Our minimum quantity for this service is 10 dozen pairs of glasses, and commissions are the same as on-line orders.

I have some retail store contacts – can I sell to them?

Yes, we support Brand Ambassadors selling into the reseller space.  Given the variables involved (size of business, number of SKU’s, display rack required, etc.) we will handle these as individual opportunities.

Speaking of compensation, what is the specific plan?

We tried to make the plan extremely simple and lucrative and can be calculated utilizing our commission calculator.  The following illustrates our 2020 plan:

Web Site Sales 18% of gross revenue.

Wholesale pricing 50% off list price – (2 dozen minimum order)

Consignment We will provide a consignment request form and access to inventory for special events.  Based on event details a deposit may be required.

Commissions are calculated and distributed monthly – we will provide a full sales report as well.  Note each Brand Ambassador is an independent contractor.

What if I know of others who would like to become a Brand Ambassador?  Is there an incentive for referrals?

The saying “the more the merrier” absolutely fits!  If you have someone you would like to refer, please let us know and we will start the process.  As an incentive to you, we will pay a referral bonus of 2% for each new brand ambassador’s sales (after the first 2 dozen sunglasses are sold).  The more people you refer…the more money you make!

Example: Base business 18% or your sales

Three referrals 6% of their sales

Total commission 24%

How about promotions and special sales – as a Brand Ambassador do I still earn commissions?

Absolutely you will be paid for any promotional sales – it is the same percentage as web-based sales.  For example, if we promote a buy one pair of sunglasses and get the second pair for 50% off, you will earn 18% of the total sale.

Ready to do this?